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Die Widerlegung unseres geologischen Weltbildes
Eine Dokumentation der katastrophistischen Erdvergangenheit

by Bernard Ellmann

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Die Widerlegung unseres geologischen Weltbildes

The Book…

  • points out the hypothetical character of our ideas on the geological past.
  • refutes the fundamental hypotheses stated by geology about the earth's past.
  • presents an alternative geological past.
  • names the cause of all the present mountainous formations on our earth.

Our Earth - billions of years old?

The geological past was reconstructed by geologists. Our conceptions of the geological past therefore correspond to a geological worldview. Portrayed in all school and textbooks, this worldview has become established and no longer questioned general knowledge.

Geological time-scales with millions and billions of years, crustal plates and continental shifts are part of these geological hypotheses on the earth's past. Yes, all of geology's statements on the geological past are hypothetical.

Even our ideas about the development of life on earth are linked to geology. Charles Darwin developed his theory of evolution with the help of the geological time scale to obtain the necessary time spans. Since, according to geology, all its fundamental assumptions on the history of the earth are hypothetical, the theory of evolution according to Charles Darwin is no more than a hypothesis, even if this conclusion may go too far for or even anger the convinced adherents of Darwin's theory of evolution.

Can our geological worldview be refuted?

Anyone who makes the effort to trace geological findings and measurements back to their source in the original publications won't believe the audacity with which geology ignores all research that contradicts their present hypotheses. This behavior is widespread in all basic sciences, which, like geology, work with hypotheses.

The science historian "Kuhn" summarizes this behavior in the following statement:
"Established science often suppresses fundamental innovations because they necessarily shake its core foundation."

Hypotheses can be disproved with facts. The most important geo-scientific findings of recent decades are summarized and explained in the book 'Die Widerlegung unseres geologischen Weltbildes'.

It becomes evident

  • why we are mistaken if we believe in a billions of years long period of development of the earth and of life.
  • why we are mistaken if we look at geological layers and find time periods of millions of years.
  • why we are mistaken if we assume to live on a planet mostly spared by cosmic catastrophes.
  • why we are mistaken if we believe that great cosmic catastrophes have only occurred before our time.