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Die Widerlegung unseres geologischen Weltbildes

Die Widerlegung unseres geologischen Weltbildes

Eine Dokumentation der katastrophistischen Erdvergangenheit

by Bernard Ellmann

464 pages containing numerous colored illustrations
Hardcover with adhesive binding
EUR 39.90

ISBN 978-3-8280-3043-5
Published 2013 by Frieling-Verlag Berlin
Language: German

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Our earth in the 21st century - is it the result of a continuous development over billions of years as portrayed by the geosciences?
Bernard Ellmann critically questions the fundamental geological hypotheses. His conclusions liquidate our modern worldview, for according to him the present cannot serve as the sole criterion for explaining earth-historical changes. The author identifies the cause of the greatest historically documented cosmic catastrophe, explaining the present day's geological structures of the earth's surface and crust. The elevation of continental and submarine mountains and the forming of fossil fuels, salts and global massive sedimentary strata are described as direct consequences of this event.
The book, which has been thoroughly researched and richly illustrated, is aimed at readers who are interested in the natural as well as the historical sciences.

About the Author:

Bernard Ellmann studied chemistry at the technical universities in Clausthal-Zellerfeld and in Darmstadt as well as medicine at the University of Heidelberg. He holds a doctorate in organic chemistry from the natural sciences faculty at the University of Heidelberg and a doctorate from the Medical Faculty of Biochemistry in Medicine.
For several years he worked in clinical research for the pharmaceutical industry with the main research areas being rheumatoid and cancer diseases. Afterwards, he spent several years as an assistant physician in various clinics and also completed a further education as a specialist in general medicine.
For more than 20 years, Dr. med. Dr. rer. nat. Bernard Ellmann works as a specialist in general medicine in his own practice.