Alternate Worldview

Are there alternatives to the established geological worldview?

Since all geological hypotheses concerning the earth's past can be disproved - this can be done by every reader through the application of the well-known laws of physics, chemistry, and biology - the question arises what the alternative explanation of the geological past looks like.

The keyword is: Cosmic Catastrophes

Geology avoids this concept like the plague. Thinking about it has been driven out of the public mind. No wonder we are struggling to deal with these events.

In ancient written records, there are lots of detailed descriptions of cosmic catastrophes. All "nonsensical rubbish", as our advanced sciences like to point out.

Now, however, the latest scientific findings are, quite surprisingly, in agreement with historical accounts. Once these findings will be taught in our school and textbooks, geology and its current hypotheses will be history.
The same fate also applies to all other scientific disciplines that rely on geology.

Until then, geology will continue its already for 300 years ongoing guessing-game on how the major structures of the earth were formed. It will continue to insist on its "nano-step hypotheses" and "eternity miles" which supposedly are responsible for high geological deposits and cause mountains to grow. It will explain the formation of new minerals, rocks, and mountains by means of miraculous transformations of rocks in the solid state, called the 'metamorphosis' hypothesis.

Geology will not be able to properly document the past of the earth until it changes the direction of its research efforts, making a turn of 180°. Geology won't have any other choice.